Lego Crazy Contraptions

Car from the Lego Contraptions Set
We are having fun with this crazy contraptions lego set. It has parts + ideas for all sorts of machines. Once you get one built, you can change them up.

We are playing with legos today. I really like this lego crazy contraptions set. We have been building the lego city kits for a while, and have been finding that those are fun (we have a lot of them), but don’t leave much room for creativity.

This set has parts (axels, gears, wheels, elastic bands) and ideas for all sorts of machines. Once you get one built, my son found it really fun to change them up. This is how I remember legos. So far our favorites were the wind up car that uses a crank, gears, and elastic bands to power a mini car.  We also spent a few hours playing with zip line machines. We have lots more to build. The lego crazy contraptions set is rated from 7-13 yrs.

We got this set as a gift, but you can find them at our local toy store Building Blocks.

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